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Varenna is a small picturesque town situated on Lake Como in front of the famous Bellagio where it is possible to reach by ferry. In the 12th century the town welcomed the Comacini population from the island of Comacina where the Comacini masters were descendants. It is an old fishing village of with characteristic streets leading down to the lake by way of romantic steps and stairways. There are some important monuments such as the Church dedicated to St. Giorgio which was built in the 13th century over the ruins of an old temple built in the 12th century. Some precious works of art such as the frescos painted in the 13th century and some paintings are housed inside. The Monastero house, which had been a Cistercian monastery in the past, was built in the 12th century. It is elegant and stylish in a Nordic style and was restructured in an eclectic style by the last owner. Today the gardens are open to the public and it is also used for conventions. Walking towards the lake we enter the main square which is noted for its anonymous stone construction and the Church dedicated to St. Giovanni Battista which is the very jewel of the Romanesque style. It was built with a unique nave apse with its frescos on the wall painted in the 13th century. Inside is possible to breathe in the mystic atmosphere

Tour duration: A 2 Hour Tour