The Vittoriale of the italians

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A tour of Vittoriale of the Italians, the last residence of the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio where his memory is conserved. In 1921 the poet G. D’Annunzio went to see the Cargnacco villa which had been taken away in 1918 by the tax inspector of Brescia to pay for the debts from the First World War. The poet decided to buy this villa where it was possible to keep his relics from the First World War. He donated this villa to the Italian people and renamed it the Vittoriale. The architect, Maron transformed the villa and gardens and today it is possible to see the house of the poet called “Prioria”. The different relics from the First World War are displayed in the garden, for example, the antisubmarine motorboat MAS 96, the prow of the ship Puglia, the airplane of the flight over Vienna, the cars Fiat Tipo 4 and Torpedo Isotta Fraschini used to reach Fiume and the Mausoleum where the remains of the poet are kept

Tour duration: A 2 Hour tour