Garda Lake

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The tour takes place in the historic centre of Sirmione with its castle called Rocca Scaligera because it was built by Mastino, the Ist of the Scala Family. He was a podestà in the city of Verona. It was used only for military purposes and is situated at the entrance of the village. The walls were extended in the Venetian period and they built the harbour like the Venetian arsenal model. The ruins of the Roman villa, situated on the terminal peninsula of Sirmione where it is possible to enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Garda. It was built between the Ist century B.C and the Ist century A.D. It was called “Grotte di Catullo “. Catullo was a poet but he wasn’t the owner because he died in the Ist century B.C. The tour continues to the Archaeological section, the surface area of this Roman villa was 20.000 mq2 and divided on three levels. The lowest level was the service floor, the first level was dedicated to the guests, on the second level the owner lived and it is possible to see the spa area there. In the Archeological Museum there are a lot of different pieces found during the archaeological excavation of this area. The guided tour ends with the Renaissance Church St. Maria and the house of the opera singer Maria Callas. It is possible to take a panoramic boat tour.

Tour duration: A 2 Hour Tour