Monteisola, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and the tour of 3 islands

Iseo Lake

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Monteisola, the biggest lake island in Europe is located on Lake Iseo and is classified among one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Even today it is possible to savour the traditions linked to the past, in particular the history of fishermen. The production of fishing nets still continues today as well as the construction of the fisherman’s boat called “The Naet” where expert carpenters and shipbuilders construct wooden boats by hand. In Peschiera Maraglio traces of history and legends can be breathed through the narrow alleys, the houses, the arches, the stairs leading to the lake and the Oldofredi Castle which belonged the noble Oldofredi family. Various paths start from this leading to the sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola located on the peak of the island. It is possible to take a boat tour of the 3 islands. Monteisola, Loreto, a small private island that once housed a convent of Clares nuns that was later transformed into a neo gothic castle and the island of S. Paolo, once a Franciscan monastery, today the elegant lakeside residence of the noble Beretta family.

Tour duration: A 2 Hour Tour