St.Giulia museum and archaeological park


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A guided tour of the Foro Square where you can see the Roman ruins. The Capitolino Temple dedicated to the Emperor Vespasian which today is preserved inside the precious bronze statue of the winged Victory and theatre ruins. The tour continues to the St. Giulia Museum where you can discover the Roman section where it is possible to see the ruins of a Roman villa called “Domus dell’Ortaglia”, a splendid home for the middle class with courtyards, fountains and richly decorated rooms. The Museum of St. Giulia in the city is situated inside the old Benedictine Women’s Monastery from the Longobard period which was founded in 753 A.D. by King Desiderio and his wife Ansa. In this Museum it is possible to see the frescos by Romanino and Paolo di Caylina which is housed in the St. Salvatore Church. The splendid King Desiderio cross is housed in the St. Maria in Solario Church. The visit ends with the sections dedicated to the Lords and the Venetian domination.