The House of Pope John the 23RD


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The House of Pope John 23rd is situated at Sotto il Monte near Bergamo.
Giovanni Angelo Maria Roncalli was born in Sotto il Monte on 25th November 1881. He became Pope after 5 years of papacy and was known as “The Good Pope”. He was also known for his renovation of the Catholic Church. It is possible to visit the House where the Pope was born and where there is an exhibition of his private objects and clothes and you can see the room where he was born. The Sanctuary built in the 19th century and consecrated in 1929 by Angelo Maria Roncalli when he was Bishop. The Chapel dedicated to “Nostra Signora della Pace” houses the black Madonna of Czestochowa. The Crypt built for the 50th anniversary of the Pope’s death which houses a bronze mold of the Pope’s face and hand made by the artiste Manzù. Near the Sanctuary there is the garden of peace with a statue dedicated to the Pope. The tour finishes at Maitino House which was built by the Roncally family in the 15th century and where the Pope visited on his holidays. In this House a lot of private objects and clothes of the Pope are displayed. The secretary, Loris Capovilla has collected artifacts and has created an interesting museum which includes articles such as a deathbed and the altar used by the Pope in the Vatican Church.

Tour duration: The tour lasts an entire day