Civitade Camuno

Camonica Valley

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A guided tour of Cividate Camuno which was the Roman capital in 16 B.C. The tour starts in the Park Museum of the Theatre and Amphitheatre and finishes with a walk along the River Oglio where the Sanctuary of Minerva is situated. The tour continues in the National Archaeological Museum of the Camonica Valley where it is possible to admire the relics found in the local Roman area of the archeological site of the Theatre, Amphitheatre Park and from the area of the Sanctuary of Minerva. There are many different relics, for instance, a mosaic floor, vases, pieces in bronze and marble but the most significant is a nude statue of a hero found in 2004 and the statue of Minerva found in 1986. The educational workshops are linked to the creation of theatrical masks, mosaics , musical instruments and fresco techniques.