The Museum of St. Giulia  in the city is situated inside the old Benedictine women’s Monastery from the Longobardo  period which  was founded in  King Desiderioand his wife Ansa .In this Museum  It is possible to see the  frescos by Romanino and Paolo di Caylina   which is housed in  the St. Salvatore Church .  The splendid King Desiderio cross is housed In the St. Maria in Solario Church .This Museum has different tours, the Prehistoric part, the Roman part  where it is possible to see the ruins of a roman villa called “Domus dell’Ortaglia”,and different artworks in bronze, for example the statue of  Victoria’s  wings.This tour finishes in the Medieval part and the Venetian period.

Opening hours
from 1/10 to 31/05 Tuesday to Saturday 9.30-5.30

Entrance fees
Full price  €8.00

Reduced for groups € 6.00
€ 4.00 14-18 years  old and  over 65 years
3€ schools